Eim is a mixed reality game. Elements of classic card games, roleplaying games, parlor games (like murder mystery improv), and emergent action augmented reality aspects of video gaming are all combined into a construct in which you play your hand against monsters, mysteries, and other players seeking the same glory to become the greatest spellcaster in the multiverse.

The Exquisite Immortal Machine that binds our reality together.. is breaking down. Denizens of many universes have long tested the construct, and now the very rules that govern our reality are breaking open, and letting.. well other things in. You know this, you can see it all around you, and it is your destiny to harness the elements that exist within and outside of this Universe, and play your hand in search of your own great Destiny against the very machine that controls your Fate. Can you defeat the various nasty beasts that dare to invade our realms? Will you divine the deepest secrets of Universes that before we could not see? Only you can truly know.