The Exquisite Immortal Machine that binds entire realities together is… breaking down.

The wizard/scientist/warriors throughout the many universes have long been testing and tested by the E.I.M., but now it seems that the very rules that govern reality are breaking open and letting… things… through. Now, Earth too must join the battle!

But you already know this, you can see it!

You will divine the deepest secrets of the multiverse in order to defeat the beasts that dare to invade our realms!

In search of your own best Destiny, harness the six fundamental elements that exist throughout the multiverse and play your hand against the very machine that controls Fate!

Eim is a mixed reality game. Elements of classic card games, roleplaying games, parlor games (like murder mystery improv), and emergent action augmented reality aspects of video gaming are all combined into a construct in which you play your hand against monsters, mysteries, and other players seeking the same glory to become the greatest spellcaster in the multiverse.